Max Skjöldebrand has lived full-time on Martha’s Vineyard (MV) since July 2010. Prior to that he worked as an Architect in Dubai (UAE) for 5 years and before that in London for 31 years.

He has been taking photographs for most of his adult life and his other interests include cinema, classical music, opera, history and walking. 

On MV, Max’s photography has been exhibited in both solo and group shows and his photographs have been published in the Vineyard Gazette and the MV Times.

In two of his solo shows, Max presented a selection of his black-and-white images: Lines, LIght, Shadows, Reflections (at the West Tisbury Library in 2015) and Abandoned Buildings on Martha’s Vineyard (at the Vineyard Playhouse in 2016). 

Max is drawn to black-and-white for much of his photography (but not exclusively) because, he believes, it forces the eye to look at the composition of an image without any distraction which might be created by color.

A third solo show exhibited Max’s work in color: A Tale of Two Theaters (at the MV Film Center in 2015) which documented the renovation of two 100 year old cinemas on MV. 

All of the photographs in these shows, and more, may be found in the various individual Galleries on this website. Please have a look!

Max is currently working with Dan Waters on the “Time Capsule” project: documenting, for posterity, Martha’s Vineyard on black-and-white medium format and 35mm film. The negatives will be stored in the climate-controlled facilities at the MV Museum.