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Petra, JordanCharnley-Persky House, ChicagoWoolworth Building, New YorkMuseum of Modern Art, New YorkAlbion Riverside, LondonAuditorium Building, ChicagoMFA, BostonCarnegie Museum of Art, PittsburghChappaquiddick, Martha's VineyardWest Tisbury Library, Martha's VineyardIsabella Gardner Museum, BostonGlass House Sculpture Gallery, New CanaanCape Pogue Lighthouse, Chappaquiddick, Martha's VineyardWingspread, Racine, WICarnegie Museum of Art, PittsburghRookery Building, ChicagoMuseum of Contemporary Art, ChicagoMuseum of Contemporary Art, ChicagoBurberrys Michigan Av., ChicagoGwen Hotel, Chicago

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