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Cover of bookMark Snider, restorer of the theaters, and Richard Paradise, manager of the theaters.The Capawock - Main facade before renovation (April 20, 2015)Photo probably taken either 1919 or 1927 - courtesy of MV MuseumExterior immediately before the start of the renovation work (April 20, 2015)Exterior on opening day, May 29, 2015Week 1: Interior at the start of the works. Original painted screen on rear wall. (April 20, 2015)Week 1: Interior at the start of the renovation works (April 20, 2015)Week 1: Projection room with old workbench, tools and canisters (April 20, 2015)Week 1: Film reel casings (April 20, 2015)Week 1: Old film reel box and canister (April 23, 2015)Week 1: Old film strips left hanging in the projection room (April 23, 2015)Week 1: Original ceiling in the upper level viewing box (April 24, 2015)Week 1: Original ceiling as installed throughout theater.Week 2: Interior during renovation. Original ceiling rose top center. (April 27, 2015)Week 2: Installation of the new ceiling. Original ceiling visible at right edge. (April 30, 2015)Week 2: Original ceiling visible through new ceiling in the theater. (April 30, 2015)Week 3: Interior during renovation (May 4, 2015)Week 3: Hanging acoustic wall linings and installing new electrics. (May 8, 2015)Week 3: The front facade and doors newly repainted. (May 8, 2015)

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